Monday I came back from taking a long walk with a friend along the dirt roads of Uganda. I came into the house that has become my temporary home the past week and decided to check my email on a whim…not thinking there would be any news. I WAS WRONG. There the words were again…Decision Regarding Visa.  Oh…how my stomach turned…I have been here before…here goes…again. I began shaking and tried to find Eden anything to play with…here baby girl…here. (have i mentioned she is continually glued to my hip…she screams “mom-my!” even if go in another room…she will not leave my side or she panics…don’t think i don’t love it) so there I was trying to settle her and trying to open the email all at the same time.

I try and try and try to open the email…no luck. It is in a zip file. Haven’t I said before that I am completely computer illiterate…yes, to a fault. So I send the email to three out of the six lawyers…my mother…and of course Ryan. (who left Uganda last week after being with me to take care of our other four little ones)

I then call my mother who is actually brilliant on the computer. She opens it…and she begins reading me word for word what the emails says.  The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has approved our Visa!!!! THAT MEANS IT IS A YES…YES…YES!!!! YES, WE CAN BRING OUR BABY GIRL HOME. YES, IT IS TIME….YES…YES…YES!!!  My mom transfers the zip file into a pdf file…don’t even ask…and then sends it to me. I then call Ryan immediately and try to get the words out. Trying to read the email word for word. IT IS TIME…OH THANK YOU JESUS…IT IS TIME.

At this point I must confess that I am in a little shock and the tears that have flowed for so many months don’t even come…it is as if I am afraid to really believe this incredible news…this news that I have longed for…dreamed about…and begged the Lord for daily.  But this time it is real. This time I can type these words…approved. I look at Eden who is now playing with my shoe and the gratitude just overwhelms me. We can now be a family all together. While in TN…half of my heart was in Uganda. While in Uganda half of my heart was in TN. We can finally be one family all together…YES, IT IS TIME!!!

My file is being sent from Nairobi to Kampala. Once it is received in Kampala then I have one last interview to get the file and…GET HER VISA. AND THEN EDEN HANNAH AND I WILL FLY HOME!!!! (did i really just type those words)

Thank you dear friends who prayed for our family. For those of you who took a prayer slot or just prayed randomly…for those of you who brought a meal…for those of you who cared for my other four while we have been in Africa all three trips…for those of you who  donated money or time to our adoption…for those of you who sent an encouraging message…and so many more acts of encouragement…thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can say that I don’t think I could have made it to today without the sustaining power of the body of christ. Honestly, thank you. It is time.

Exodus 14:14  The Lord your God will fight for you. You need only to be still.



Rachel here,

Ryan and Lindsey are still with their baby girl in Uganda, and we haven’t heard news yet, so keep praying for them!

We don’t want to jeopardize their chances of getting their baby girl home or any of their friends in Uganda, and so we’ve password protected Lindsey’s recent posts.  If you had the password before, when they were going to court, it hasn’t changed.  If you don’t have it, you can email me at or Mandie Joy at In your email, please give us some information about yourself and your connection to the Doyles so that we can freely share the password.  Lindsey has sporadic email access so we’d rather not bombard her with emails.

Thanks for praying with us!